VoIP telephony from entrustIT offers a number of advanced telephone features, a reliable support network and the experience and knowledge of a successful multinational telecommunications provider.

Major features

Enhanced Voicemail

Our voice messaging service goes above and beyond. For example, you will recieve a notification and recording of voicemails to your inbox as an attached WAV file.

Call Routing

Inbound personal call management for virtual secretary type features based on caller ID, time of day and duration of ringing.

Outlook Integration

Our service integrates with Microsoft Outlook by combining contacts with the ability to manage the feature set from the desktop.

Click to dial

Contacts are combined into one manageable source. In addition, the click to dial feature allows users to right-click a number on their screen and dial out from their phone.

Screen pop (via Unity toolbar)

Incoming callers are identified in a pop-up box on your screen. As a result, users can easily reject or answer calls without looking away from work.

Sequential Ringing

Expecting an important call? Input up to six numbers where the call is to be directed until you pick up.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Private Caller?  Telemarketers? Have them sent straight to your voicemail and check them at your own convenience.

Smartphone Integration

Download the BRIA softphone to your smartphone device. Therefore, you can use your VoIP system from your mobile – at VoIP rates.

Remote Office

This feature enables users to appear at their desk, regardless of their location. Consequently, itinerant employees can turn any phone into their office extension, expenses are simplified and cheaper as all calls are sent to a single bill.

Call Centre

Offers a number of features that assist in directing, queuing and holding callers. For instance:

  • Reception Console
  • Music on Hold – clients may upload their own music or select from a catalogue.
  • Auto Attendant also known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) presents callers with a list of options directing them to the right user.

Hunt Groups

Incoming calls to specific teams are identified and managed depending on assigned hunt group settings. With 4 routing methods, you can ensure that you and your employees speak to the right person at the right time.

How it works

VoIP is an acronym for “Voice over Internet Protocol” and means that your telephone call is being translated into data and transmitted across a broadband connection – just like any other file or email you might send. Once the data reaches the other end (be it a landline, mobile or IP phone) it is converted back so fast that you won’t even notice it happening.

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World-class VoIP telephony with only a small investment

Our feature-rich VoIP telephony solution requires no complex installation and will increase mobility. Therefore, staff can easily to work from the office, home or abroad.

All you do is buy an appropriate VoIP telephone from a constantly expanding range and then select one of our VoIP telephony packages. We do the rest.

VoIP Infographic


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