Cloud BI as a Service from the entrust IT Group liberates your big data.

Monitoring and assessing the performance of your organisation is a complex task. Indeed, relying solely on your management accounts is not enough – you need to see sales performance, cost of sales and performance against budget day by day. Plus, different parts of your organisation will have differing key performance indicators (KPIs) depending on function.

What is the answer?

It’s simple: you need a Corporate Performance Management (CPM), Business Intelligence (BI) or Reporting solution from entrustITwhatwe call BI as a Service.

Example BI dashboard
BI as a Service from entrustIT
Horizontal bar chart of BI as a Service

How does BI as a Service work?

We work with you to build your very own data warehouse, identifying the key performance indicators that effect your business.

We will build tools to extract the raw data from your systems, upload them to our secure environments and then publish the data in a format that you can interact with easily and with minimal training.

entrustIT’s BI as a Service consultants help companies implement management information systems that facilitate effective decision-making at all levels of the organisation. 


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