Microsoft 365 in the workplace

entrustIT are a Microsoft partner and certified Tier 1 Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Therefore, we can provide you with hosted solutions using Microsoft Azure – Microsoft’s own brand Cloud hosting service.

Azure is a collection of cloud services provided by Microsoft. These services include analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web. Microsoft datacentres can be found all over the world, allowing us, as hosts, to provide cloud services to areas all over the world.

We can advise on and implement Azure based systems to customers. Moreover, we will help you through every step of the process, and offer you telephone support should anything go wrong.

Which Azure services are on offer?

Microsoft categorises Azure into 11 different main product types:

Compute with azure

Compute – Virtual machines, remote application access, cloud desktops.

web and mobile development with azure

Web and mobile – Development and deployment of web and mobile apps.

real time analytics

Analytics – Real time analytics data of any variety, volume or velocity.

developers azure

Development – Help developers share code, test applications and track potential issues.

azure data storage

Data storage – Database as a service offer for both SQL and non-SQL databases.

azure media and content delivery

Media and content delivery – Content delivery like on-demand streaming services.

azure hyrid integration

Hybrid integration – Server backup, site recovery and connecting public and private clouds.

identity and access management

Identity and access management – Only authorised users can access Azure services, and help protect encryption keys and other confidential information.

iot azure

Internet of things – Help users capture, monitor and analyse Internet of things data from sensors and other devices.

security within azure

Management and security – Allows cloud administrators to manage their Azure deployment, schedule and run jobs, as well as create automation.

azure networks

Networking – Services include virtual networks, traffic management, load balancing and DNS hosting.


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