Benefits of Partnership with entrustIT

The biggest benefit of partnering with us at entrustIT is this:

  • Stable, reliable IT that just works, supported by people who really know their stuff

Then there are the client specific upsides :

  • Enterprise-grade IT services and technical support for a low monthly cost, giving smaller companies a competitive edge
  • Business continuity – when faced with natural disaster or other unpredictable events such as transport strikes, your clients can continue to work as if they were in the office
  • Per user per month software licensing – switch applications on or off on a monthly basis, as and when required e.g. Microsoft Project / Visio
  • Enhanced security – remove the need to store files on a local device or network, ensuring your client’s data is safe from physical theft
  • Remote access – Your clients can log on from anywhere at anytime (without leaving their PC on in the office)
  • Support for “bring your own device” (BYOD) – because nothing resides on the hardware, use of employee devices can be encouraged.

Key benefits for you, in choosing entrustIT as a partner

  • You add personalised cloud IT services to your portfolio with minimum effort
    You can support and bill your own clients, or set your own prices and have us bill on your behalf
  • Receive collateral and training in marketing, selling and supporting cloud IT services
  • Generate opportunities to upsell additional services
  • As your clients’ data storage and/or user numbers increase, so does your monthly revenue
  • We have the same interest in winning and retaining clients that you do and we will support you to do so
  • In return for appropriate business volumes, we can provide white-labelled products, control panels and support options.
  • You keep the customer relationship


“Stable, reliable IT that just works, supported by people who really know their stuff”


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