IT Infrastructure for Mortgage Companies

IT Infrastructure for Mortgage Companies

If you’re starting a new mortgage business you may be dismayed at the cost and complexity of the IT Infrastructure that you have to have in place. That’s before you can even think about selecting a trading system.

Or perhaps you’ve been trading for a while. However, a new Trading Platform requires a complete overhaul of your IT infrastructure. Money that you have to spend on top of the cost of the Trading Platform, but without any additional business benefit.

Factor in the additional cost of permanent staff to keep all the technology ticking over, and you can start to wonder whether you’ve gone into finance… or IT.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.

Hand over the entire problem to a specialist. One who understands exactly what your needs are and can deliver them on a metered basis.

Paying for only what you use is the beauty of a cloud services company. Your IT costs are linear and as your business needs change, can be scaled both up and down.

If you are contemplating a new IT infrastructure project then we can propose a fully managed, secure and FCA compliant environment on which to build your business. Therefore, leaving you free to focus on the things that matter.

Infrastructure Virtualisation for Mortgage Companies

Infrastructure Virtualisation

Are you one of the many UK mortgage companies looking to create a virtualised IT infrastructure? Either on your own premises or utilising the services of a hosting partner?

With in-depth knowledge and expertise of both proprietary and open-source virtualization technologies, including  VMwareXen and Microsoft HyperV, our consultants objectively assess and deploy the optimal solution to fit your unique needs.

Our approach is to take a holistic view of an organization’s environment. We will also support the entire virtualization technology life cycle; from planning and assessments to design and implementation as well as ongoing management, training, and support.

We have years of experience optimizing, managing, securing and supporting complex, mission-critical data centre environments for our hosted desktop products. Therefore, our consultants are uniquely suited to objectively assess, design, implement and support the right virtualization solution to meet your business goals and IT requirements. You can rely on us for:

  • Proven methodology and best practices
  • Multivendor, multi-platform expertise across a wide range of data centre systems, platforms and technologies
  • Extensive experience in high-availability data centres
  • Commitment to delivering the highest standard of service and support


As an added bonus, you get improved DR capabilities. This is because virtualised images can be used to instantly recover all your servers. Additionally, with real-time replication between our data centres you are 99.99% guaranteed availability of your business critical data from any location that you choose.


We have a wealth of experience in deploying all three of the major virtualisation solutions. Therefore, we know which are the most appropriate in a variety of situations. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your environment to guide you to an appropriate product in an unbiased fashion.

Trading platform delivery for mortgage companies

Trading Platform delivery

We provide a range of hosting/managed service delivery solutions for those mortgage companies that want to deliver a new trading platform. However, those that don’t have the time, energy, or expertise to make changes to their existing IT infrastructure.

We can ensure that your trading platform is available to everyone within your organisation. Meanwhile, maintaining almost no change to your existing systems, thus keeping your business running unaffected.

Web or Windows, thick client or thin, we can deliver your chosen trading platform to your business desktop and make it a seamless integration. We will monitor the platform 24×7 and keep it performant, scalable, and available – with no, or limited reliance on your overworked IT resources.

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