At entrustIT, we work with a number of legal practices. That experience has given us a clear picture of the sort of issues that impact the Legal Services industry. Perhaps some of these common business problems resonate with you?

  • IT projects that need resourcing, but operational activities choke off available time
  • A number of different providers of difficult technologies, which is difficult to keep track of
  • Concerns about backups and data security
  • An ageing phone system that cannot keep up with modern demands
  • Difficult for staff to access corporate network from work or home

Managed IT for legal services

Our legal services clients often seek a completely managed IT environment that constantly evolves to fit their rapidly changing business.

We begin our partnerships with an initial audit of IT infrastructure. Where possible, we like to use as much of your existing infrastructure as possible, but ultimately we will only make recommendations that we feel will drive your business forward.

Desktop / Microsoft 365

A desktop environment is the cornerstone of any successful IT infrastructure. Typically, our clients will select either a Cloud Workspace or a Microsoft 365 environment. The decision between the two platforms is reliant on the unique needs of the organisation.


entrust IT can supply your business with state-of-the-art wireless solutions. Using a Ruckus® wireless system, we can ensure the signal from your internet router is amplified to cover your entire shop or showroom, so your people can stay connected wherever they happen to be on your premises.


Using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phones, you can make phone calls over the internet. The feature rich solution requires no complex installation and increases mobility by allowing staff to work from the office, home or abroad. Your organisation gains best in class telephony and can save up to 50% on calls when compared with BT tariffs.

Cloud CCTV

Cloud CCTV is a monitoring and recording service suitable for organisations of any size. All you need is an internet connection, an IP network camera and a subscription from entrust. We can help you set the cameras up, too. Once your cameras are connected to your network, you can view them at any time. Cameras can also be added and removed on the fly.


LawSpace is an all-encompassing workspace for the legal services sector. It was designed to remove the need for any up-front investment which can negatively impact yearly profits. Instead, the service allows law firms to spread the working capital risk out over 3 years. Included is all you need for a user to work securely and productively from home, in the office, or anywhere – all for a flat monthly fee. You choose what is essential to your firm and we will include it in the price.

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