Client Case Studies

Nobody likes a show-off so we don’t usually advertise our successes that much. The fact that more than 97% of our clients remain with us year in, year out is a testament to the quality of our services.

However, we realise that for a potential new customer, some reassurance that we can meet your organisation’s needs is important – so we have selected a small cross-section of our clients to act as references, with case studies that you can read about or browse.

We’ve selected these particular client case studies, because collectively, they show what we can do in sectors as diverse as : retail, CAD/CAM, financial services, services, logistics, tele-sales, legal services, construction and manufacturing.

We hope that you enjoy reading about their challenges and how we solved them; and if one or more of them makes you more comfortable about entrustIT as a potential partner to your organisation then we’re doubly pleased.