Key features

3D Design Desktop security

Secure Microsoft Windows desktop delivered via Citrix

Anytime, anywhere connectivity

Anytime, anywhere connectivity, on any device

3D Design Desktop storage

25GB per-user storage aggregated across the user base

3D Design Desktop applications

All applications staff need to work are added to their desktop

3D Design Desktop monthly billing

Monthly billing and contracts (discount for longer terms)

Microsoft Office on 3D Design Desktop

Integrates to Microsoft 365 and OneDrive for Business

Company drive

Shared company drive for central data storage

Personal data drive

Personal data drive for private data storage

3D Design Desktop cloud infrastructure

Resilient cloud infrastructure

Role-based drives

Role-based drives for departments or disciplines

What is an entrust Hosted Desktop?

Our flagship product, the entrust Hosted Desktop service is a cheaper and simpler alternative to owning and managing your own IT systems.

Desktop users still have the same functionality and Windows environment they are used to and the same Microsoft Office programs and specialist applications. But instead of keeping their software and data on a PC or locally based server, we deliver it to them from a secure data centre.

Users access their personal desktop through the internet (or ‘cloud’). It’s encrypted and is consequently secure but authorised users can work from anywhere with an internet connection, making them much more mobile.

Flexible, scalable and secure

Your business can stop investing in expensive hardware. You won’t need to replace your server(s) regularly; and old PCs and laptops will gain a new lease of life once their software software is stripped out and held in the cloud. Similarly, your staff can make use of their own hardware if they prefer.

We take care of the routine IT administration, support, security or maintenance. It comes as part of a fixed monthly fee per user. Upgrades and patches are all deployed automatically, and we take responsibility for Microsoft licensing, including updates to the latest versions. As a result, you save a lot of time. For example, Microsoft releases new patches at least once a month – and many companies are simply not on top of that. New users can be added or removed at immediately, either via our online portal or by calling our support desk.

When you need help, we are contactable 24/7 and will resolve problems quickly. We resolve 90% of support tickets within thirty minutes. Moreover, we guarantee 99.99% uptime.

In conclusion, you can expect great results with Hosted Desktop. Firstly, you save money & time and gain productivity. Secondly, your data security is enhanced. And finally, your workforce becomes more mobile and productive. Therefore, we support you to grow.

What are the benefits?


We are the IT experts so you don’t have to be. This is a fully supported and fully managed service which we look after 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


All your data is held securely in ISO 27001 certified, Tier III data centres. Lose a device and you can still sleep easy knowing the data will never leave our data centres.


Even if your office is hit by a disaster, your data will be safe. You can resume working instantly from anywhere with an internet connection.


On a 3 year basis, an entrust Hosted Desktop typically costs 60-65% of traditional IT if all cost factors are included. The longer you’re with us, the more that reduces.


Your people can access their desktop and applications from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, and on almost any device.


You don’t need servers (or high-performance PCs) again… ever. All the hard work is done on our servers hosted in our UK data centres.


Scale up or down each month without penalty. You only pay for what you need, ensuring predictable costs that are easy to manage.


We take care of everything from license renewals to patches and updates as well as adding and removing new users. You focus on business.


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