Disaster Recovery as a Service Disaster Recovery (DR) preparations are just one aspect of ensuring business continuity (BC). Simply put,  to keep the organisation operational to an agreed extent with the minimum of downtime in the face of new (and probably adverse) conditions. DR planning underpins business continuity by giving your personnel a clear idea of what targets must be met in the event of something unexpected, but major.

For many organisations, Disaster recovery planning for IT is a real headache. Not only must business data be safely backed up, it must be kept away from the disaster zone and it must be possible to read the data back and/or apply it to new equipment. Assuming of course, that you have new equipment pre-configured and on warm standby with the software necessary. Very few organisations want to invest in something that only “might” get used and many simply opt out.

DR as a Service – “Baked In”

The entrust Hosted Desktop and Application range of products enables organisations of all sizes to simply forget about IT continuity – our service is always there whatever happens. Lost your premises? No matter, because our Hosted Desktops can be delivered to any location with Internet access.  Lost all your workstations? Send the workforce home, they can work from there. We can even arrange to rent out client workstations based on simplified hardware, making them much simpler (and quicker) to deploy and very cost-effective. DR as a service is simply baked in to our cloud services from the outset.

How do we provide DR as a Service?

The entrustIT infrastructure was designed from the ground up to be resilient and redundant – that means that we manage & monitor our systems to minimise the likelihood of failure, but we recognise that equipment does fail. So when a failure is encountered, a redundant system will take over, minimising, or negating the effects of the failure.  

We add site to site replication as part of DR as a Service, meaning there’s always a second datacentre ready to take over your services.

DR as a Service for On Premise IT

We can assess your IT environment and produce an audit of all the potential points of failure, making recommendations about the best way to protect your business from the consequences of disaster.

In addition we can build a custom DR as a Service solution that replicates your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud, so that in the event of a crisis, you can be back up and running within a few hours with current data.

If you want more information about how we can provide you with an “out of the box” DR as a Service solution for your IT infrastructure then please get in touch.

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