Data ownership – our policy

All data created or stored by you within entrustIT applications and servers is your property.

We provide access to your data only to people that you nominate and to our technical team for the purposes of providing you with support.

We take steps to protect your data within our environment and by default we prevent it being downloaded to devices or locations that you have not authorised.

We make no claim to data ownership for any documents, databases, data-files, web server content, e-mail content, or any other type of data that you create, amend or store using our systems.

Your data can be returned to you at any time by request or at termination of your account. However, we expect you to keep your account within it’s credit terms and we may make a small charge for the time we spend on returning data to you.

Any of your data on our systems is deleted 30 days after account termination; or after it has been returned to you on closure of your account.

Data ownership is always yours - never ours