Before Implementation

Before you consider placing an order with us it is important to be aware of what we typically require from our potential clients, both technically and contractually, before we can provision our services.

Technical requirements

  • Our hosted services work best over a high speed Internet connection with a low contention ratio, we recommend broadband services specifically for business although domestic broadband will often be sufficient for a single user.
  • The minimum download speed required to make effective use of our hosted desktop products is 100 kbits per second per user
  • Unless supplied by us on your behalf, we take no responsibility for deficiencies in your Internet connection
  • You can access your desktop from any Internet-connected device and operating system upon which MetaFrame Presentation Server Client software can be installed and executed – see the Citrix website for supported systems, which include most computers and laptops running versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux operating systems, along with some modern mobile phones and PDAs
  • In order to connect to our hosted desktops and applications for the first time from a particular device (PC, thin client, laptop etc.) you must download and install Citrix or XenServer Client software on to that device
  • If your device is protected by a firewall then, as with secure online banking, this needs to be configured to allow Internet traffic through port 443

Client acceptance criteria

  • We supply our products and services to business users only
  • We may perform credit checks on businesses before accepting them as clients
  • We reserve the right not to provide our services to potential clients

Servicing your specific requirements

  • If you require a VPN connection from your office/s to one of our our data centres then this can be provided at additional cost
  • If you require additional hardware such as thin clients or blackberries to connect to our hosted services then these can also be provided on a per user per month basis
  • You can add or remove users and applications to or from your account at any time – within your contracted limits
  • If you use regularly a software package that runs on Windows then we can almost certainly make it available to you as a virtualised application on your hosted desktop; and if you supply us with the original CD and license keys you will not have to pay any additional license costs, just a small monthly hosting fee per licensed user

Payment terms

    • Your first payment to us will be in the form of a BACS or CHAPS payment
    • We typically require a deposit amounting to one month’s charges for each new customer – this deposit may be used against the final payment for that customer
    • A security deposit is typically required for each Safeword® token supplied to a client – this is refundable on our receipt of a returned token
    • Subsequent monthly payments will be made by direct debit in advance for any products and services you have contracted for. Any additional products and services you use in the month will be added to the next months bill.
    • Our prices may be revised at any time, subject to 3 months notice.
    • You will be billed for a full month for each product your business users use during that calendar month – regardless of the day of the month on which the product was activated for that user. This is a requirement of our license providers.