Cabling, access, and other Small Works Electrical

The modern office is a hub of interconnected and data-driven systems, creating a complex matrix of infrastructure dependencies. Seamless operations rely on a robust network of data ports, wireless access points, reliable cabling, high-resolution security cameras, and secure access control systems. Each element demands meticulous electrical integration for optimal performance and data security.

Recognising the critical need for streamlined project management in today’s digital workplace, entrust IT Group has strategically expanded its technical expertise into the small works electrical domain. This strategic move minimises external dependencies, simplifying project execution and mitigating potential logistical bottlenecks.

Our proven track record in equipping multi-site businesses with cutting-edge wireless networks and smart building controls positions us as your ideal partner for small works electrical projects. We possess the experience and agility to not only flawlessly support your network hardware, server infrastructure, and smart building technology, but also to seamlessly install and integrate these systems, ensuring maximum functionality and data integrity within your digital ecosystem.

Key technical advantages:

  • Reduced project complexity: By consolidating electrical and IT expertise under one roof, we streamline project workflows and minimise logistical headaches.
  • Enhanced data security: Our in-depth understanding of both IT and electrical infrastructure ensures secure installations that maximise data integrity and minimise vulnerabilities.
  • Seamless integration: We possess the technical expertise to integrate diverse building systems seamlessly, fostering optimal data flow and efficient operations.
  • Improved network performance: Our meticulous cabling and access point installations guarantee robust wireless connectivity throughout your facilities.

Electrical Installs, Sockets, Lighting

We’ll handle the installation of electrical sockets, as well as lighting for your office, retail outlet, or leisure facility.

Our electricians are NICEIC certified and will install and certify to UK-standards.

Networking – Cat5 & Cat6 cabling

We manage data cabling for your building. This includes cabling assessments, pulling cables, and termination.

Cat5 & Cat6 cabling go hand-in-hand with our Managed Wireless offering.

Door Access Control

We handle installations for door access control systems. This includes fitting magnetic locks, as well as the smart lock controllers that power door access systems.

We work with a variety of access control systems, although you can learn more about our cloud access control system, Brivo, here.

CCTV Installs

We install IP and analogue CCTV systems. We will install cameras, DVRs, and cloud bridges.

We work with a number of different vendors. You can learn more about our Cloud CCTV system here.