At entrustIT we believe that we all have a responsibility to minimise the environmental impact that we make, whether to improve life now; or for future generations – who will pick up the bill for our activity.

Consequently we aim to ensure that our systems and services are as environmentally friendly as possible. We can do this in a number of tangible ways:

By focusing on our resource usage

  • We pay close attention to the amount of raw power we use and try to keep it as low as possible. Lower power usage means less greenhouse gas emissions and lower environmental impact.
  • We maximise the utilisation of our systems to ensure that processing power does not sit idle and therefore wasted.
  • Since late 2008 we have pursued a technology replacement policy that prioritises low power consumption.

By improving your resource usage

  • Our servers will work harder and consume less power than the equipment that you would own if you ran your own IT in-house.
  • Our cloud-based services will extend the life of your desktop workstations and/or give you the option to replace them with low consumption alternatives

By providing solutions that lower your carbon footprint

  • Systems that enable home and remote working, lowering the number of business miles travelled and saving on CO2.

We can’t promise a mission statement so grandiose as “do no harm” but we will constantly focus on reducing the environmental impact of our business – passing on those benefits to our customers.

Because cloud computing should be
greener computing.

entrust it environmental impact policy