Key features

Energy Usage Monitoring

Temperature and Air Quality Monitoring

Smartphone Keycard Access

Cloud CCTV storage

AI criminal tracking

AI Number Plate Tracking

AI Number Plate Gate Entry

Smart Advertising and Wallboards

Powered by Modern Networking

UK-based Helpdesk Included

What are smart buildings?

Smart Buildings use technology to assimilate all of your core services, such as HVAC, lighting, alarms, and security into a single IT-managed service.

Technology makes managing a building easier than ever. Whether your building is an office, a leisure outlet, or a multi-dwelling development, smart building technology can significantly improve customer experience.

Let’s explore what makes smart buildings so useful.

entrust IT Group Smart Buildings

The entrust IT Group’s Smart Buildings technology

The entrust smart buildings solution comprises three main areas: Cloud Utilities Management, Cloud Access Management, and Cloud CCTV. Each of these technologies uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help make smarter decisions.

Individually, they provide great benefits. However, pair them together and you’ll benefit from huge efficiency gains and your customers will love their experience. Similarly, your staff will be grateful for the seamless way you protect their security.

Cloud Utilities Management

The entrust IT Group has partnered with Rhino Energy to provide an AI-powered utility platform. Smart meters collect data on the following metrics:

  • Gas usage
  • Energy usage
  • Water usage
  • Heating
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Quality

This data collates in an online portal, giving live reporting and AI alerts. This data therefore allows you to report on your climate targets. Furthermore, AI uses data to make cost-saving recommendations. Rhino is an important tool to make your business greener. Rhino’s components are easy to install and hence accessible to all.

Learn more about Cloud Utilities Management here.

entrust IT Group Estate Management e-Book

Cloud Access Management

The entrust IT Group has partnered with Brivo, to provide an AI-powered access control solution. Brivo is the world’s leading cloud access control platform. Brivo uses “smart” locks to control who can enter a building. Data is logged in a secure online platform. AI within the system offers notifications of strange behaviour. In addition, if paired with Cloud CCTV, the system prevents ‘tailgating’.

Users access their building using their phone, a physical keycard, or PIN code. Brivo can even grant access using only your face. Every access logs against user credentials. Identity connector synchronises with identity and access management (IAM) platforms such as Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD).

Grant or revoke access with one click. Unlock doors with just your phone. Track footfall at all your locations. This is the most straightforward way to manage access.

Learn more about Cloud Access Management here.

Cloud CCTV

The entrust IT Group has partnered with Eagle Eye Networks to provide AI-powered Cloud CCTV. Eagle Eye works with any camera manufacturer. Therefore, there’s no need to replace your cameras. Footage is captured by a secure online portal. Artificial Intelligence gives you valuable insights. Similarly, footage is stored in the cloud and can be easily shared with authorities.

Legacy CCTV is inflexible. It requires significant investment and is often not well managed. By contrast, Cloud CCTV is modern and constantly evolving. Subscribers get instant access to new features as they arrive. Legacy CCTV feels ancient by comparison.

Manage all your camera footage in one secure location. Search through all your recordings using natural language with AI smart search. Use AI to highlight unusual activity. Eagle Eye’s platform is a breeze for your security team. Consequently, AI saves you time and money. Many businesses already trust Cloud CCTV.

Learn more about Cloud CCTV here.

What are the benefits?


AI features embedded within our smart building platforms reduce the amount of labour required to manage your building.


Customers expect businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. This is possible through comprehensive reports and data.


Using only your phone or even your face, gain access to your building effortlessly. Control and monitor numbers to keep occupants safe.

AI functionality allows for automatic tracking of criminal activity across your entire camera estate. Follow people using natural language search.

Track data on who is visiting your sites and even grant access using ANPR. Since this is an AI function, there is no need for specialist cameras.


Share footage with the authorities with just a click. Control access to footage when required. All handled through the cloud.


Use wall screens to share advertisements and local information. Manage the feed from one central point across your workplace.

Unlimited access to the entrust IT Group’s UK-based helpdesk to assist in all issues. In an emergency, engineers can be dispatched to site within one hour for quick resolution.


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