A Cloud Workspace is a complete IT package built on a private cloud platform, that is specialised cloud infrastructure built specifically for your business. Compared with a Public Cloud package such as Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Cloud Workspace gives a business a greater level of control over their security and the system itself.

This makes a Cloud Workspace ideal for businesses that require a high level of regulation or prefer to have a bit more control over their apps and data.

A Cloud Workspace has a number of components and each business can decide for themselves how many or few of those components they would like. However, because each component works well together, the more components you use the more benefit you will gain.

The components

You are in safe hands

entrust IT have over a decade of experience in cloud services, and have been providing Cloud Workspaces throughout that time. Before ‘the cloud’ existed as we know it today, we were a cloud services provider.

No two businesses are alike. We understand this and that is why we custom build each Cloud Workspace to fit the exact needs of the client.

All of our Cloud Workspaces are built to ISO 27001 industry standards of data security. Our datacentres are based exclusively in the UK/EU and ensure GDPR compliance. We are also proud of our 99.99% SLA that has never been breached.

Interested in Cloud Workspace, but not sure what components work for you? Take a look at our Solution Explorer for detail.