Standard features

hosted exchange webmail

Remote access via webmail

5gb hosted exchange mailbox

5gb mailbox

UK based data centres

Data stored in your geography

antispam and antivirus

Anti-spam and anti-virus protection

unlimited email addresses with hosted exchange

Unlimited email addresses per mailbox

ISO2007 certified

ISO27001 certified, Tier IV datacentres

support services for hosted exchange

Support services and a 99.99% uptime guarantee

Enterprise additional features

Access via Outlook

Microsoft or OS/X desktop access via Microsoft Outlook

25gb hosted exchange enterprise mailbox

25gb mailbox

hosted exchange email archiving

Access to email archiving (additional charges apply)

Gold-standard communication

Gold-standard communication platform

Hosted Microsoft Exchange is the gold-standard communication platform for business and not for profit organisations. In other words, it combines email, calendars, meetings, public folders, syncing to mobile devices and more.

The entrustIT hosted exchange service makes all these advanced features available to you without fuss. We take care of licences, servers, backups, spam filtering, anti-virus protection and all the upkeep. As a result, you are free to concentrate on the important things – like running your business.

Reliable and familar for staff

Reliable and familiar

Based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, our service provides a reliable and familiar environment. You can integrate all your electronic communications using popular client applications such as Outlook 2013.

Microsoft Exchange sets the standard in email storage, management and access. Whereas other service providers offer POP3 access for collecting new mail, Exchange collects email on your behalf. What’s more – it offers a wealth of ways to review your Inbox. For instance:

  • From within a Hosted Desktop
  • Online in the office
  • Offline whether you’re on the road or away from the office
  • Outlook Web Access from the Internet
  • Mobile Access from your smartphone
  • IMAP4
  • Indexing and Fast Searches – (Executive mailbox only)
Centralised management

Centralised management from anywhere

A ‘single view’ of all your email means that messages are managed centrally. However, you can access them from anywhere.

In addition, collaborating with colleagues is enhanced through Exchange Public Folders – a team technology for sharing email, contacts, calendars and tasks.

Above all, entrust Hosted Exchange replaces the uncertainty and hassle of running an in-house mail server. Instead, you have the reliability of world class UK infrastructure, delivered from one of our Tier IV datacentres.

Subject to a compliance regime? No problem. We can accommodate your compliance needs. Just talk to us.


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