A managed IT service is when a third party contractor provides an IT task for a customer, usually for a monthly fee. It is an efficient and effective way of IT support and means that in-house IT staff can focus on other issues within the business. A managed service agreement is formed when a company decides to use a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in which they retain responsibility for the functionality of the IT service and equipment.

So, what are the benefits of using a Managed Service Provider such as entrustIT?

  • You are able to efficiently staying up-to-date with new technology
  • It creates substantial IT cost savings and improves budgeting
  • It improves security by a more robust infrastructure being built
  • It has the flexibility of fitting around your business’s needs
  • You would have support from experts in the industry
  • There would be a reduced amount downtime and problems due to it being monitored and issues being addressed before they arise
  • It enables you to stay focused on your core business and doesn’t take away important time and attention

But who is a Managed Service for?

Managed Services can be useful for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses may have a limited amount of IT equipment and staff so often fall behind with network management and updates causing them to be at risk of a breach. By putting it into the hands of a Managed Service Provider they can rest assured that their network management and updates are taken care of which automatically improves the security of the business. On the other hand, large businesses may need a high level of security and support due to the amount of IT equipment needed within the company, something that with pressures in other areas of the company is becoming difficult to manage.

IT Managed Services are transforming businesses all over the world. If you think you could benefit, why not get in touch with us?

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