VoIP Solutions

Are you searching for a reliable telephone solution for your business? Our VoIP solutions are the most efficient on the market and will ensure a cost-effective telephone solution for your business. entrustIT has provided VoIP solutions for businesses of all sizes.

What are VoIP Solutions?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP Solutions are a little bit different to your standard telephone connection and switchboard as we use the internet as your switchboard. A broadband connection is needed for our VoIP solutions. The telephone data is translated into data and transmitted across your broadband connection just like emails and files you sent. As the data reaches the other end, it will be automatically be converted back into the phone data without any noticeable effect. Our VoIP solutions for home and for small businesses show the diversity of the product.

Features of our VoIP solutions VoIP Solutions

Hosted VoIP solutions are a great investment for any business and come with the following standout features:

Remote office

Do you need calls routed to phone even when you’re not at your desk? With a VoIP solution, you will be able to appear at your desk even when you are not!

Enhanced voicemail

Our VoIP solutions will send you a notification and record all voicemails in an email form.  You will be able to access voicemails quicker than ever before.

Pop up tools and anonymous call rejection

Easily monitor your calls with our VoIP system. After installation, calls will appear on your screen giving you the option to accept/reject calls easily. If an anonymous number calls you, it will be sent straight through to your inbox which will allow you to check calls when you need.

Why choose entrustIT?

At entrustIT, we pride ourselves on the quality of our VoIP telephony solutions. All of our VoIP solutions are tailored to fit your needs. With years of experience in the industry, entrustIT are number one in the industry for providing businesses with the best solutions for VoIP.

All VoIP solutions provided by entrustIT are high-quality and are suitable for businesses ranging from multinational companies, educational institutions and more. Additionally, our cloud services have never been breached, and we only use high-quality servers.

Call the team today on 0870 383 0045 or email sales@entrustit.co.uk for more information on our VoIP telephony solutions.