Multi-Site & Mobile Business

Elevating your IT provision to the cloud has two important advantages for more complex organisations.

For multi-site:

Under the old model there were really only three alternatives

  1. Duplication of all or part of your IT infrastructure at each location, with some form of synchronisation between sites. This is complex and costly and makes changes and upgrades a real headache.
  2. Creating a site to site virtual private network (VPN) between your sites and then connecting them to the IT infrastructure in a single location. This can also be costly, but the biggest single disadvantage is that it performs poorly (think M25 at commuter time).
  3. Have no integration between sites at all and collaborate over email or some other means. This usually results in duplicated IT infrastructure at every location and is the worst of all possible worlds. Who has the latest version of that important presentation? What are the aggregated sales figures for last month?

Migrate to a hosted desktop service and in effect every site becomes a satellite; it’s our problem to deliver your data and applications; and when you upgrade or change systems, it happens everywhere at once.

For mobile :

For the same reason that hosted desktop works for multi-site, it delivers a best in class solution for mobile devices. All users of our service are essentially mobile (to us at least), so the deciding factor is whether you can get an internet connection at your location.

Our hosted desktop services use Citrix to deliver content from our datacentres to almost any device. Although this is more expensive than some of the RDP only solutions provided by our competitors, it makes our services really responsive on both wired and wireless connections – even 3G/4G mobile. On a 3G tablet you can be as productive as you’d be in the office and of course you have access to all your applications and data.

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