Wherever possible, our outstanding partners will be leaders in their area of expertise, financially solid with a good track record. Their products will be innovative and well supported with a track record of solid delivery and high levels of customer service.

Occasionally we partner with smaller organisations who offer a niche facility or enhance our services. We will still ensure that they are financially strong and able to meet our customers’ needs for the long term.

Where we “buy in” cloud services to augment our portfolio we will ensure that the provider meets the highest standards for cloud delivery and can meet or exceed our support expectations.

ISO9001 certification requires us to take the process of supplier selection seriously and where possible we will be looking for our suppliers to attain ISO accreditation in their own right since¬†it suggests a similar quality ethos to our own. Periodically, we will review our supplier’s performance and replace any relationships that are failing to give appropriate service and value.

Regardless of size, all our outstanding partners add value to our services and enhance the customer experience in some way.