The founders firmly believe that with the tools available today your IT infrastructure should be invisible. Like any other utility it should just be there, working. 24×7.

And yet, for most organisations that isn’t the reality. Why? Because building an IT infrastructure that can remain available 99.99% of the time takes skill, time, money and most of all experience – four things requiring a scale that the average SME never reaches.

That just didn’t sit well with us.

So, we designed an IT environment that could be scaled to meet any level of demand. It had to support customers with only tens of desktops, up to those with hundreds; providing the same level of security, disaster recovery and resilience to everyone.

We wanted the costs to be fair, so we’d charge based on what you use rather than based on your ability to pay. We’d bring enterprise grade technology infrastructure to organisations with 20+ users and we’d do it by sharing our high investment expenses across a large pool of customers.

But most of all, it had to just work. 24×7. So that you can get on with business.

It seemed good on paper, so we built it. Discovering along the way that what was good for our customers was also good for us because when everything works .. the phone doesn’t ring.

So, that’s our goal .. to provide you with a complete IT solution that you just forget about.

We want our services to be invisible & that’s the approach we take with every solution we offer, from the smallest product or service to a complete managed service – it has to just work. 24×7.

Or we won’t offer it.

We think that makes us a cloud provider with a difference.

We recognise that no two organisations are the same, so we deliver products and services that are specially tailored to what you need.

  • We’re your IT Director, offering strategic advice on how to get the best from your IT solutions.
  • We’re your change management team, enabling your business to alter direction to take advantage of a new opportunity.
  • We’re your IT service desk, handling the operational issues that stop you being productive.
  • We’re your trusted advisor, hearing where you want to go and suggesting the best route to get you there

We are all of these things and more because every month you make a choice to remain our customer. We never forget that.

So what drives us?

That would be you.

entrust IT our ethos