Worktown Workplace

Based in Romsey, Hampshire, Worktown Workplace is a family run business that offers competitively priced, good quality office supply products and guaranteed delivery of any of in-stock products within 24 hours. The business has a database of over 180,000 items, ranging from stationery and storage through to photocopiers and promotional items.

The Challenge

Worktown’s existing IT infrastructure was centered on in-house mail and terminal servers. Office based staff were provided with thin-client terminals and accessed the server using Microsoft Remote Desktop.

The existing servers, which were maintained by a third party, were reaching end-of-life. “We looked at our various options and concluded that a fully hosted ‘Software as a Service’ solution was the logical path for us,” explained Richard Dickson, a Director of Worktown. “Such a service would give us considerable cost savings, relieve us from the burden of maintaining and supporting our own systems, and provide much needed disaster recovery capabilities.”

Worktown also recognised the importance of protecting the environment. The company‟s mission statement for the environment is to “prevent pollution and minimise the impact of our activities upon the environment in the delivery of our services and where applicable, in the activity of others in deploying those services”.

“I have been so impressed with entrustIT that I have recommended the solution to other organisations looking to reduce costs, improve services and implement solutions that minimise the impact of their activities upon the environment.”

– Richard Dickson, Director

  • To read how the entrustIT hosted desktop solution, coupled to on-premise IT support, helps Worktown to achieve their goals download the Worktown case study.