BI as a Service at the Manutan Group

The Manutan Group’s business is based on a unique concept, which is to bring together in a single catalogue a wide range of high quality items at the most attractive prices to meet the requirements of businesses and local authorities. Currently, the group consists of  23 companies located within 20 European countries. In all, the Group offers over 200,000 products on the European market.

For major clients, Manutan operate a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution. Under this arrangement, Manutan delivers and manages stores at the customer site but inventory in these stores remains the property of Manutan until drawn out by customer staff. The customer benefits from accessible on-site stores with stock levels managed by a third party at no cost, whilst Manutan retains a committed and long-term client. Obviously, this arrangement depends upon consistent and regular reports so that both parties remain aware of the trading position.

To read how entrustIT designed and implemented a new reporting system utilising SQL Server Reporting Services, Analysis Services and Panorama Novaview all delivered via BI as a Service download the Manutan case study from here.

Manutan implemented the entrust BI as a Service for their largest customer

Manutan UK implemented a BI as a Service solution to enable them to provide customer inventory reports to their largest customer.