What drives us

Doing technology right is difficult and expensive. No question.

Building an IT infrastructure that can remain available 99.99% of the time takes skill, time, money and most of all experience. Usually hard-won, frequently bitter.

For a long time, that sort of resilience and availability was exclusively available to the enterprise organisations. Those with thousands of desktops and seemingly bottomless pockets – able to invest in enterprise grade systems through scale.

Then came the cloud.

Now a cloud service provider (like us) makes the enterprise investment, and the end result is accessible to any organisation – regardless of size. Resilience, availability and mobility; open to all because the cloud levels the playing field.

Our ethos, what sets us apart

We’re a cloud provider with a difference. We don’t just deliver a service, we offer solutions. We recognise that no two organisations are the same, so we deliver cloud services that are specially tailored to what you need.

  • We’re your IT Director, offering strategic advice on how to get the best from your IT solutions.
  • We’re your change management team, enabling your business to alter direction to take advantage of a new opportunity.
  • We’re your IT service desk, handling the operational issues that stop you being productive.
  • We’re your trusted advisor, hearing where you want to go and suggesting the best route to get you there

We are all of these things and more because every month you make a choice to remain our customer. We never forget that.

So what drives us?

That would be you.

entrust IT our ethos