What makes Hosted Desktop scalable and affordable?

Hosted Desktop provides your full office working environment as a service. Rather than supplying each member of your team with their own workstation and their own applications, the hosted desktop is provided to each member of your team over the internet.

Company data is stored in the cloud, never on devices. Therefore, your employees can work using their own devices and all their application licenses are offered as part of the service.

Employed another worker? No problem, simply request a new user account and your new user can be up and running within an hour. Because Hosted Desktop is charged on a per-user, per-month basis, you only pay for what you need.

So how does that makes it different to traditional IT?

In a traditional IT solution, your office has a server that will be managed by you. Your workstations will be connected to that server in a domain. Each of your workforce will require their own workstation.

A server is an expensive piece of hardware, and depreciates over time. When it requires renewal, you will need to take into account the current size of your company as well as how large you expect to be in the future, as a server will last a few years.

In a hosted solution, you no longer need that server. Your server is stored in our data centre and your data is managed to ISO 27001 industry standards of security. Forget about depreciation, we’ll handle the server upgrades as part of our infrastructure.

A practical example

In your office, you will use electricity. You will likely pay for this as you use it. You do not invest in generators and generate the electricity for yourself, it is a utility and you pay for it as a service.

So why not do the same for your IT?