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Enterprise file sharing built with security in mind

Citrix Files is an Enterprise File Synchronisation and Storage (EFSS) platform built by Citrix. Unlike commonly used file sharing applications such as DropBox and Google Drive, Citrix Files is built from the ground up to be the most secure way possible for businesses to share sensitive and important documents whilst still remaining compliant with necessary data security legislation.

Return control to your IT department

Citrix Files is customisable, allowing your IT department to set security policy throughout your company. You will have the ability to choose which staff have access to which files and at what time, as well as having access to robust auditing and monitoring tools which provide transparency of seeing who accesses what and when.

The application also has ‘follow-me authentication’ whereby once a document is password secured, that authentication follows the document wherever it is sent – whether that be inside of your company or not. There is also integration with most Antivirus programmes to help scan your documents for viruses as they are uploaded.

Integration with your favourite productivity tools

Citrix Files integrates with Outlook and Office 365 with a dedicated plugin. Documents can be uploaded directly to the application from Outlook and Office applications allowing users to access, edit and upload files directly from their browser without having to keep downloading and uploading every time changes are made. The Outlook plugin also allows files up to 100GB to be shared over email.

Using the Citrix app for iOS and Android, documents can be accessed and edited on the go using a smartphone or tablet.

Stronger Collaboration between coworkers

Citrix Files allows content to be shared from multiple repositories including network shares and OneDrive. Document feedback and approval can be requested and received right within the application and legal documents can be signed and tracked without ever leaving ShareFile.

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