Are you searching for a better way to backup your business’ files or data? The future is Hosted Desktops and at entrustIT we pride ourselves at being the number one for Hosted Desktop providers. We host your data in our secure centres so that you can work free from hacks, damages or loss!

What is our Hosted Desktop?Hosted Desktop Providers

At entrustIT, we are a leading provider of Hosted Desktops and will personalise our services to suit your business’ requirements. Our Hosted Desktops operate in the same fashion as your standard Windows operating system except that all of your data is stored on our encrypted ‘cloud’ servers. You will be able to access all of your Microsoft programs and applications anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

A Hosted Desktop is known for being a simple and cost-effective IT system. By investing in our Hosted Desktops, you will not have to replace servers or computer equipment on a regular basis as all the software from your PCs or Laptops is stored on the ‘cloud’ server. We will deliver your software and data from our secure data systems when required.

Our Hosted Desktops come with 24/7 IT support, and we are here to take care of any issues that may arise. By choosing entrustIT as your Hosted desktop Provider, you can be assured that we will provide: administration, maintenance, updates and security issues all for a monthly fee. We pride ourselves on our guarantee of 99.99% uptime with our Hosted Desktops.

Enhance your productivity and cut costs with our Hosted Desktops today.

Features of a Hosted Desktop

  • Secure Microsoft Windows desktop delivered via Citrix
  • 5Gb per user storage
  • Connect anywhere and any place
  • Full integration with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook
  • Latest versions of Microsoft Office
  • 99% uptime guarantee.
  • ISO27001 certified data centres

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Advantages of our Hosted Desktop and why you should choose one of the leading cloud providers

A Hosted Desktop is a wonderful investment for any business and will provide your business with the following advantages:

Cost-effective IT solution

We will provide your business with one of the most cost-effective IT solutions on the market. By investing in our Hosted Desktop, you will have the opportunity to cut your IT costs. You will never need servers as all data is hosted on our encrypted ‘cloud.

Increased productivity

Ensuring that all of your IT systems are up-to-date and are running effectively can be extremely time-consuming not to mention expensive. By selecting our Hosted Desktop provision, you will be able to ignore these as we provide this as part of our Hosted Desktop service. We take care of software updates, patches, renewals and many more so that your business can focus on more pressing matters.

Highest level of security

Hacked, lost or damaged data is crippling for any business regardless of size. By hosting your data with entrustIT, you can rest assured that all of your data will be securely held in our ISO27001 certified, Tier IV datacentres. Your data will never be lost, damaged or hacked into when you use our services.

Access your data anywhere

Our Hosted Desktop will allow you to access your data through an internet connection anywhere in the world. So if you wish to work at home or in another country, all your data will be held in our secure and central location.

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