Do you want an IT solution you can rely on anytime and anywhere? At entrustIT, we recommend you choose our Hosted Desktop IT Support services. In this package, you will receive all the benefits of your Windows desktop environment from any technological platform. At entrustIT, it is our goal to find innovative IT solutions to enhance the usability of your IT systems.

What is our IT Support in Hosted Desktop?

Our IT Support in Hosted Desktop is the most premium product we offer at entrustIT. Its simple interface and easy to manage features have enabled businesses and individuals alike in their IT programs.

Mobile features

Our Desktop Hosted IT Support solution is a facility that enables you to access your Windows desktop features and documents anywhere in the UK. We are also proud to be expanding our services worldwide with a great support network. As a result, your business will expand in our mobile-friendly environment.

With many people using a multitude of technological platforms, you will be a part of the growing expansion in Cloud servers.

Secure access

Do you want to keep your documents secure? When you save documents to just one computer, you are putting your important information at risk. Don’t lose your data and sign up to our IT solutions.

With our Desktop Hosted IT Support systems, your documents will be completely secure within our encrypted cloud server. Our datacentres are ISO27001 certified. So relax in the knowledge that your data won’t leave our datacentres and are easily backed up.

Completely updated

We guarantee you the ultimate security on your data service. All of your systems will be constantly updated through our Hosted Desktop IT Solutions. In our service, we tailor our cloud provider to your requirements and what you need. Our servers will manage your data so that you don’t have to worry about being an IT expert when they require updating.

Who benefits from our Hosted Desktop solution? Hosted Desktop IT Support

So, when you want the freedom and flexibility of accessing your desktop documents, then our Hosted Desktop solution is for you. Our service will enhance your productivity as your data is available from anywhere in the world and will be accessed in a remote working environment. If you consider yourself in any of the following categories, then look to apply for our Hosted Desktop IT Support venture.

Find out how your company will expand through the use of our Hosted Desktop IT Solutions.

Additional IT support

Do you need help in managing your IT systems? If you want to track your SLA targets through your hosted desktop, entrustIT specialise in providing a reporting and ticketing service that can track all of your outgoings regarding your customer relationships. We are here to provide IT advice to customers on your systems and resolve any issues that occur on your Hosted Desktop solutions.

Call, email or talk to us online and we will offer advice on your desktop solutions with our support desk service.

Why choose entrustIT?

Since the beginning, we have been finding ways to support the IT environment within your personal and business lives. As one of the first companies to lead the innovative Cloud service, we know the methods to protect the data on your desktop and online. We invest in our Hosted Desktop IT Support helping to build a reliable and professional solution to your IT operations.

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