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The entrustIT Hosted Desktop for accountants is a hosted desktop designed for accountants that is built specifically to hold commonly used accounting applications. This means that accountants can work just as they do in their office, with access to their data and apps, anywhere, at any time on any device.

Whether it’s editing a file, launching an app, accessing folders, or printing and scanning, Hosted Desktop for Accountants makes it all possible, simply and securely.

What you get

  • Secure Microsoft Windows desktop delivered via Citrix.
  • Accounting apps (such as Sage) built in
  • 5Gb per user storage, aggregated across the user base
  • Anytime, anywhere connectivity, on any device.
  • Full integration with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook
  • Latest versions of Microsoft Office
  • Your applications added to your desktop
  • Shared company drive for central data storage.
  • Personal data drive for private data storage.
  • Role based drives for departments or disciplines
  • Resilient cloud infrastructure with backup and replication
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • ISO27001 certified data centres in the same geography as you are
  • Monthly billing and contracts (discount for longer terms)

A simple month-to-month plan saves the expense and logistics of costly, up-front investments in hardware and infrastructure. Plus our experienced technical support and help desk team saves you the added expense of overhead associated with ongoing IT staffing.

Whatever accounting apps you have deployed, we can integrate into your Hosted Desktop meaning that you have a fully virtual office solution that you can access from any location on virtually any device.

For a free demonstration, email or call 0330 002 0045

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