How does Hosted Desktop provide freedom to your business?

Hosted Desktop is a full Windows desktop provided over the internet as a service. Your apps and data are stored in our data centres, and handled with ISO 27001 industry standards of data security.

Because your desktop is hosted in the cloud, you are not constrained to access it in one location. Simply pick up an internet enabled device, download the client, log in and away you go. Hosted Desktop works on PCs and Macs, Laptops and Desktops, Tablets and Phones. No longer is your work limited to whether you’re in the office or not.

Need to work from a client’s office? Turned up at your meeting without an important document? The tube is on strike again? Not to worry, with Hosted Desktop you can work at your client’s office as if it were your own, you can access your documents wherever you are, and you can work at home as normal.

How does that differ from a traditional IT solution?

In a traditional solution, your data and applications are stored on whatever machine you saved them to. If you wish to work on them, you can only do that when you’re sat at your desk in the office.

Sure, you could email documents to yourself, or store them on dropbox, but this brings with it serious security risks. Have you ever sent documents to the wrong person by accident? Imagine doing that with sensitive documents.

Furthermore, in a traditional solution, you’re prone to theft. If your laptop is stolen, so is your sensitive company data. In a hosted solution, your data is not stored on the device. Simply pick up a new device, log in and work again as normal.

Hosted Desktop – a better way to work.

 EntrustIT Hosted Desktop freedom to work anywhere

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