IT Decision-Makers Increasingly Opt For Cloud-Native Architectures

A recently published survey from Cloud Foundry discovered that although the IT industry is more multi-platform than ever the foundations are cloud-native.

1 in 4 of the IT decision makers form the survey stated that they are currently assembling cloud –native applications or are looking into doing so in the future. More than 25% of respondents to the Cloud Foundry survey said evaluation would occur within the next 12 months.

The Global Perception study revealed that out of 601 IT Decision makers only 13% were refactoring existing applications, this was the case in China, Europe and the US.

The most popular option for organisations was to find a tailor made solution that mixes both new cloud-native applications and refactoring existing applications, allowing even their most complex needs to be met.

A quarter of IT decision-makers have planned to do an evaluation of containers within the next year and just under 30% are already using or plan to use containers.

23% of the IT decision-makers currently utilise or are evaluating continuous integration and continuous development IT practices. Another 32% plan to evaluate these within the next 12 months
32% are currently running DevOps or are looking into to implementing it, this shows the growing acceptance of the program.

The real potential of the cloud is obvious when you know the percentage of companies who say using platform as a service (PaaS) has saved them more than £100,000 is now at 62%.

Commenting on the findings, Abby Kearns, executive director at the Cloud Foundry Foundation, said: “As IT decision-makers settle into their cloud journey, they are more broadly deploying a combination of available platforms, including PaaS, containers and serverless.”

The Cloud Foundry survey highlights the rise in companies creating new cloud-native applications while at the same time more organisations than ever before are using PaaS.

“In this multi-platform world, it should come as no surprise that, as they become more comfortable with these tools, IT decision-makers are searching for a suite of technologies to work together,” said Kearns. “They want technologies that integrate with their current solutions in order to address their needs today, but are flexible enough to address their needs in the future.”


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