Do you want to secure the data on your computer? We suggest you manage your IT systems using entrustIT’s cloud desktop in the UK. Our services have made a beneficial impact on the security of computer systems to personal and corporate clients. Our aim is to support you in IT services and discover effective methods of improving the services on your desktops.

What is the “Cloud”?

Cloud Desktop UK

At entrustIT, we have the appropriate IT environment to provide you with a professional management of your computer data systems. We have built a network of servers using the very latest in specialist technology and internet access to give your data complete support. Our cloud service will manage and host your desktop data 24/7.

At entrustIT, we will manage your routine IT administration, security, support or maintenance. You will still benefit from the accessibility to the usual desktop functions including any Microsoft Office programs or applications. The advantage of cloud desktop is that you will access this information from our data centre anywhere in the UK via the internet.

Advantages of UK Cloud Desktop

With our trusted cloud desktop server in the UK, you will find your data security will be enhanced. At entrustIT, we have listed below some of the advantages you can expect when you use our UK cloud desktop data server systems.

Save on costs

Before our cloud service, your business would have to invest in expensive hardware servers that would unnecessarily increase your company expenditure. Now, with entrustIT, there is no need for your company to spend extra on this costly function with our cloud servers.

With our monthly billing and contracts that cost less than traditional IT services, you will benefit from discounts and upgrades when you register with us.

Quick recovery

If the worst should happen, then you want to ensure that your data is safe. With our cloud desktop services, your data will be protected to provide a quick recovery to your systems. No matter where you are in the UK, you can resume working immediately with our cloud services.

Increase mobility

Our cloud desktop UK server is widely accessible as long as you connect to the internet. This means you can be on any device and still locate the data from your desktop. With a shared company drive, you will benefit from a central storage data system that you can access anywhere in the world.

Guaranteed security

Our servers are encrypted. As a result, you can relax in the knowledge that your information is completely secure in the hands of entrustIT. We implement a confidentiality agreement so that you are given the maximum security of your data and have the guarantee that no one but yourselves can access your personal systems.

Why choose entrustIT?

At entrustIT, we have been in the IT industry since 2006. Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to delivering the support and security every company needs when they are on their desktop, or on the internet. With the following background and features of our company listed below, you can rely on entrustIT to give you a friendly service that you can rely on.

  • 10 years cloud experience
  • 24/7 contact availability
  • 99% SLA never breached
  • Encrypted data centres in the UK
  • ISO9000 and ISO27001 certified cloud provider
  • Leading organisation in Hosted Desktop services

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