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Cloud CCTV. Simple, effective and affordable.

CCTV is nothing new. It helps business owners keep watch of their premises and gather recording should the worst happen as well as acts as a deterrent to criminals. Traditionally though, it has been out of reach for many companies.

Fortunately, with the advancements in cloud computing, there is another way: Cloud CCTV, an exciting new security prospect that is affordable and accessible for all.

Cloud CCTV services designed to solve common business problems

Too often IT providers will talk in complex jargon, possibly to hope to confuse you into buying. We try to be different. Instead, we talk in terms of common problems that companies face, and how we can solve them.

If you find any of these concerns with your business, perhaps we can help:

CCTV, in the cloud

Although CCTV is such a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and sectors, it has in the past been out of reach of many of them. It was too costly to be widely available and those who could afford it complained it was unmanageable. Recordings for traditional CCTV have to be saved on-site DVR, a large, expensive piece of equipment which has to be present on every site, making it very inflexible.

Cloud CCTV is completely hardware free. At your site you are still using a network of cameras, you still have an area to store your footage, you can still use it to keep watch and monitor activity, and you can still use it to keep your building(s) safe. However, your surveillance recordings are stored securely in the cloud in a portal which can be accessed via the internet on any device, rather than on that complicated DVR on site.

Solving COVID-19 security fears

The lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic meant that businesses across the country had to close: pubs, restaurants, offices, bars. Cloud CCTV is an affordable way for business owners to keep their premises safe throughout the lockdown and beyond. They can be monitored remotely using a smartphone or computer and users can even set it up so they get a notification if they detect any movement. Therefore, if a criminal was to enter one of your buildings, you will be notified and can track their movements in real-time, giving the police a real chance to apprehend them before they take or do anything irreplaceable.

Evidence to prosecute

One of our customers, a nationwide kitchen designer, retailer and manufacturer has our Cloud CCTV implemented in all their sites. Thanks to this form of security, they were able to use the video recordings that were securely stored in their cloud portal as evidence to the police to get the criminal convicted of burglary on their premises. What’s more – the HD imagery makes identification a breeze!

You’re in control

With Cloud CCTV, you’re in control. That means you pick the platform (Video IT Essentials or Advanced), you pick the cameras as the platforms work with almost any, and you pick the retention time based on your specific needs.

If you do require any advice, one of our experienced consultants will be there to help offer any advice you may need.

Ongoing support for your CCTV

As a provider of Cloud CCTV for over 10 years, we will never just leave you on your own devices to deal with any issues. We have an experienced support team who are always available to answer any of your camera queries, whether it is a small IT niggle or a more complex problem. All contracts with entrustIT also work on a fix-on-fail support basis which will stick throughout the life of your contract.

At this price, why not?

We have been providing Cloud CCTV to businesses for a number of years now and know it works. It deters criminals and will help prosecute them if they happen to gain access to your premises, all for a fraction of the price of traditional CCTV.

Furthermore, it is flexible! There is no need for a DVR as it is all hosted in the cloud. Removing this large piece of equipment from the mix will mean you will save your budget from a big sunk cost as well as give you greater flexibility.

Finally, apart from paying for the cameras up-front, the costs remain low and affordable. All you need is to set up a monthly subscription to the entrustIT Cloud CCTV service. Pricing depends on how long you intend to keep your data stored in the cloud for.

We believe the cost is worth paying for to give you peace of mind that your business is protected should the worst happen!

Make the upgrade!

If your legacy CCTV hardware is making it hard for you to view your video surveillance or it is inflexible, then it may be time to make an upgrade. Cloud CCTV brings HD video to your pocket by using the latest technologies to provide you with a channel that can be watched anywhere in the world, for a predictable price that you can not ignore!

entrustIT are Cloud CCTV experts

entrustIT has over 10 years of experience in Cloud CCTV and have completed thousands of deployments. We also have extensive experience in delivering cameras globally with a support team that can support your cameras 24/7, no matter where they are located in the world.

The team here at entrust can handle the whole process for you, allowing you to focus on core business activities. We can either make a camera suggestions for you to purchase, or we can get them for you. Our engineers will visit your site to do a survey and then plan where the cameras are best placed. We will also perform a network evaluation to determine whether your internet connection is likely to cause you problems down the road and then will mount your cameras for you to ensure that they operate properly.

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