We are delighted to announce that in April 2016 entrustIT will reach it’s 10th anniversary – a significant milestone in the development of our business. When we started trading in April 2006, there was no such thing as “the cloud”, we were “hosters”, or “managed services providers”; and much of our time was spent explaining how we were different .. and how it could possibly work!


To the customers who joined us right at the beginning and stayed; we are grateful for your early vision and continued support. You believed us when we said that this was the future and we hope that we’ve proved the case for “cloud”.

Right from the beginning we’ve tailored our solutions to meet the needs of each client – recognising that no two organisations are exactly the same and adjusting appropriately. As we’ve learned from you, we’ve changed our products and services to better meet current and future needs; and we’ve grown up as an organisation. Attaining certifications in the things that matter and building better processes.

Building a successful business through the biggest financial downturn in 100 years hasn’t been easy, but 10 years on and shaped by our loyal customers, we continue to improve and to grow.

So what’s next? We’re planning now for the next 10 years : embracing new technologies, expanding our facilities and continuing to focus on better and better customer care.

Because trust is in our name and at the heart of what we do.

10 Years EntrustIT10 Great Achievements since 2006

  1. Acquisition of extrasys
  2. Creation of four UK datacentre facilities
  3. Addition of on-premise support through entrust Creative Technology
  4. Attainment of ISO9001 and ISO27001
  5. Cloud industry form accreditation
  6. Hosting, Infrastructure and Mid-market accreditations from Microsoft
  7. Year on year business growth consistently above 20% annually
  8. New Ringwood premises
  9. CRM initiative
  10. 100% availability since 2007